YouTube remain silent despite MrBeast taking over T-Series

Virginia Glaze

YouTube hasn’t yet congratulated MrBeast for surpassing T-Series as they did when he overtook PewDiePie years ago, sparking some confusion among fans.

On June 1, 2024, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson officially became the most-subscribed creator on YouTube, surpassing Indian music label T-Series as the number one channel on the site.

This achievement was years in the making, coming as a long-awaited finale after Swedish creator PewDiePie’s own battle against the label back in 2019.

However, YouTube hasn’t officially recognized MrBeast’s massive victory on any of their social profiles, and fans are sounding off about it online.

“When MrBeast passed PewDiePie back in 2022, about an hour after the estimated overtake, YouTube posted this tweet, acknowledging it,” one fan pointed out on Twitter/X.

“30 hours after the MrBeast/T-Series overtake was confirmed at 267M, as of now, YouTube has still said nothing.”

As of June 3, YouTube still has not acknowledged the major cultural moment — something viewers pointed out in comments under the company’s recent posts on X.

“You should congratulate MrBeast,” reads one comment.

That being said, YouTube Liason Rene Ritchie acknowledged MrBeast’s accomplishment in a post on X shortly after the news first broke, writing: “Congrats MrBeast and team! So great having a creator in the top spot again!”

Given the platform’s history of shining a spotlight on its biggest creators and moments, it’s certainly strange that the company hasn’t shouted out MrBeast in an official capacity since rising to the top of the platform’s rankings.

Despite shelving YouTube Rewind several years ago, YouTube continues to recognize its viral moments. For instance, on June 3, the platform shouted out the Beta Squad vs AMP Charity Soccer match, a massive live event that saw fans storm the pitch in excitement.

While they put out a tweet about MrBeast overtaking PewDiePie, their silence on one of the site’s biggest moments in history is making some viewers scratch their heads in confusion.

MrBeast’s victory over T-Series comes after PewDiePie’s famous war against the record label in 2019, which he ultimately ended up losing in spite of having the support of over one hundred million fans.

In 2022, MrBeast ended up overtaking PewDiePie and promised to “avenge” the OG YouTube star, who he staunchly advocated for during his feud with T-Series and even advertised his channel at the Super Bowl.

Now, MrBeast is on top of the world — and it’s only looking up from here. In fact, the also creator blew his previous daily subscriber record out of the water, and is gearing up for his massive $5 million MrBeast Games set to debut on Prime Video.

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