TikToker slams McDonalds manager after kicking him out for “loitering”

Emma Hill
TikTok creator gets kicked out of McDonald's for "loitering"

A TikTok creator has sparked a debate after a video showing him being kicked out of a McDonald’s for “loitering” went viral on the platform.

TikTok has become the hub for many creators to share their experiences working or visiting some of the world’s biggest fast food restaurants.

One of the most frequently featured is global brand McDonald’s. Customers have described their bizarre experiences at the famous restaurant, whereas employees have gone viral for sharing their behind-the-scenes secrets.

However, a TikToker wasn’t best pleased with their experience visiting McDonald’s as he was forcibly removed from one branch after being accused of loitering by a manager despite buying a drink.

TikToker outraged by “rude” McDonald’s staff

Filming from his van, creator Brandon Gross claimed that a McDonald’s store called the cops on him after they claimed he was “loitering.”

He then posted his first video showing him arguing with a McDonald’s employee who had been instructed by her managed to ask him to leave as he was working away on his laptop.

Gross explained how he had been sitting in the store for 20 minutes when he was asked to buy something or leave, so went and got himself a drink. However, he was approached yet again by members of staff claiming he was loitering and asked him to leave.


He then followed it up with a second video which featured his argument with another employee who claimed he was taking up space for other customers, despite there being multiple empty tables around the room.


The video, which has 1.1 million views as of writing, also featured Gross’ exchange with the police officers who were investigating the report and were surprised as to why they’d been called out.

Although there were many viewers who agreed that Gross had done nothing wrong, others wondered: “Why were you sitting there so long without ordering in the first place?” Yet, another claimed that he “bought a drink” so was therefore “a customer.”

A phone call with the store manager appeared to clear things up for Gross. He added that she apologized for the behavior of her staff and that she even paid for Wi-Fi in the building to encourage people to work in the store.

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