McDonald’s customer dives through window to make her own food in viral TikTok

Woman climbs through McDonald's drive thru window in viral TikTokTikTok: @greergreer / Brett Jordan

One determined woman has shocked the internet after taking matters into her own hands when her local McDonald’s closed, prompting her to make her own order at the fast-food chain.

We’ve all been there: It’s late at night and you’re craving an order from your favorite fast-food joint. However, when you roll up to the drive-thru, the restaurant is already closed, leaving you hungry and annoyed (y’know — hangry).

This particular situation happened to one woman who wasn’t about to go hungry for the evening.

TikToker goes viral for climbing through drive thru window Brett Jordan
One woman took matters into her own hands after her local McDonald’s closed for the night.

In a viral Tiktok uploaded by user ‘greergreer,’ the woman — dressed in formal party attire — can be seen standing at the drive thru window speaking to the staff at her local McDonald’s, clearly not phased that they had stopped taking orders.

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Instead of going back home, she literally stepped through the window into the kitchen, prompting some shocked screams from the workers there.

That’s not all; she even asked the manager on duty if he could train her to make her own food.

“McDonald’s corporate — it’s my first day training,” she said. “I’m inadequately dressed, so you are not responsible…”

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It’s unclear if the woman was under the influence or not, but the video capturing the moment has gone viral, racking up over 500,000 views.

Thus far, it looks like commenters are pretty amused by the woman’s determination, with most saying that they’d just let her make her own food at that point.

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“She climbed all the way through that window, let her make it LMFAO,” one user wrote.

“Mannnn, if y’all don’t teach her how to make her own 10 piece,” another said.


tikTok mcdonald's commentsTikTok: @greergreer
Commenters seemed pretty amused by the woman’s determination.

This is just the latest fast food-related debacle to take over TikTok after one user went viral for spilling the tea on some of McDonald’s biggest trade secrets on the app.