McDonald’s customer claims “discrimination” after being kicked out after 30 minutes

TikTok: jensenaharris

A TikToker has gone viral after uploading a video of himself being kicked out of a McDonald’s despite it being pretty empty, claiming it’s “discrimination” and viewers are urging him to sue.

TikTok has been home to a number of confrontations between restaurant workers and visitors, with a number of arguments going viral on the platform over the last few months. 

In the case of TikToker Jensen Harris, who posts under the username jensenaharris, he was left stunned after McDonald’s employees in Rhode Island kicked him out of the store after being there for 30 minutes. 

In the post, which has gotten over 520,000 views, the TikToker is seen arguing with staff over whether or not it is McDonald’s policy to kick patrons out after 30 minutes, even if the store is pretty empty. 

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TikToker goes viral being kicked out of McDonald’s after 30 minutes

The TikToker showed that there is a “no loitering” notice in the restaurant, but there is no similar policy on the official McDonald’s website. 

“That is not the policy of McDonald’s, that’s not,” the TikToker said to one of the members of staff. He was also urged to stop recording and leave the restaurant as the two continued a back-and-forth.

As the staff stopped communicating with Jensen, they called the police on him, with five officers being sent to the store to get him to leave. 

The TikToker uploaded another post on January 11, claiming that he’d been able to sit there for well over an hour on another day. 

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“This policy is BS. This is racism. This is discrimination. This is wrong in so many ways and I’m here to tell you justice will be served,” he added in the caption. 

Plenty of viewers backed the TikToker, urging him to take legal action against McDonald’s. “Lawsuit and get in contact with corporate! call them out!” said one. “Lawsuit for sure,” added another. 

It remains to be seen if the TikToker will take legal action, but plenty of viewers believe it would have merit.