TikToker shocked after Amazon Alexa exposes her cheating boyfriend

TikToker's cheating boyfriend exposed by Amazon AlexaTIKTOK: jessicalowman1/Unsplash: Andres Urena

A TikToker went viral after discovering through Amazon Alexa’s dialogue transcripts that her boyfriend’s been cheating on her.

A woman was mortified after finding out that her significant other was having an affair through the device’s history. Her video of the shocking revelation quickly went viral with over has reached 3.5 million views.

In the 23-second clip, content creator Jessica Lowman shared a screen recording of her household’s chat history with Amazon Alexa, the virtual assistant technology by Amazon. Viewers can see seemingly harmless quotes like, “Alexa play power trip Miguel,” “Alexa next song,” and “Alexa volume down.”

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However, when the TikToker clicked play on each recording sample, a woman, who is not Jessica, and a man’s voice can be heard talking to the device, catching her boyfriend in the act with another woman.

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There’s been many reports of the device recording private information, triggered by Alexa’s “wake word.” Some might find reprieve in deleting the device’s voice history, by going into its dialogue settings. But according to CNET, this doesn’t mean the text transcripts will go away.

“Amazon lets you delete those voice recordings, giving you a false sense of privacy. But the company still has that data, just not as a sound bite,” the outlet states. “It keeps the text logs of the transcribed audio on its cloud servers, with no option for you to delete them.”

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Amazon said it erases the text transcripts from Alexa’s “main system,” but is working on removing them from other areas where the data can travel.

TikTok react to Amazon Alexa exposing cheating boyfriend

In the comments section, many TikTok users joked that the cheating scandal showed the device had women’s best interests at heart.

“Girl code Alexa,” one user commented. “Omg Alexa got your back girl,” another added.

“Alexa is our bestie now,” someone else quipped.

Others claimed to have experienced similar Alexa cheating revelations.

“This was how I found out he was seeing someone else. Can’t believe I’m not the only one!” one user shared.

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“Omg this is how I caught mine too,” another wrote. “That’s the exact same way I found out too! Listened in on a full date night!” a third added.

Needless to say, Jessica’s partner will have had a lot of explaining to do after this one.