TikToker Poloboy shocks fans after revealing he has a baby

TikToker poloboy smiling wearing glassesInstagram: officialpolo.boy

TikToker Marco “poloboy” Borghi has confirmed that he has a child in a series of TikTok and comments after his ex-girlfriend posted a video on mother’s day sharing details of her pregnancy. 

Poloboy is a TikToker well known for his lipsyncs and comedy videos, amassing a huge 439 million likes across his videos and a following of more than 4.6 million. He was formerly a member of the content house The House Nobody Asked For.

On Mother’s Day, Marco’s ex-girlfriend Arielle Rodriguez shared a now-deleted video compiling a number of screenshots and images detailing her journey through pregnancy, even including some images of the baby itself. In many of the texts, which don’t show the recipients, she is seen discussing whether to seek an abortion or keep the baby.

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In a comment on Instagram, his ex also explained that she and Marco had broken up and responded to criticism she’d received, writing: “I shouldn’t be bashed for being the parent who stayed. I’m a single mom, yes, and I’m okay with that. Nowhere did I speak down on him for choosing to leave that’s his choice, as I chose not to have an abortion.”

Arielle also denied posting the video for clout, adding that they began dating before he got famous on TikTok in 2017, and broke up in 2020.

Meanwhile, fans have inundated Marco’s TikToks with comments about his child, some accusing him of being an absent father after the comments from his ex. Marco has since responded with a couple of videos referring to his situation, captioning one TikTok “Ahhh now you know. Please don’t bash her or the baby. I ask for a crumb of privacy please.”

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He then pleaded his case with fans, adding a comment that read, “You guys are jumping to conclusions so fast. Stop writing the narrative without any knowledge of the situation. I didn’t ask for my most intimate business to be made public.

TikToker polo boy makes comments about his babyTikTok: Poloboy
Poloboy explained his case in his TikTok comments

“It’s not that I don’t care. It’s not my place to tell you all what my ex wants, But I’m not out here just ‘not caring.’ I have a heart and I know that, like any child, he needs a father. I’m open to taking care of him and being there for him — but I can’t completely give up my passions at such a young age.”

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Following the TikToker’s public acknowledgment, Arielle has since published an Instagram story sharing more screenshots from December 2020 in which Marco apologized for his behavior and expressed his desire to be a good father, saying “I want to be a good dad and be on good terms with you so we can raise our child to be the best it can be.”

poloboy's ex girlfriend Arielle Rodriguez posts screenshots on her instagram storyInstagram: tooturnttortilla
Arielle posted screenshots of their texts to her Instagram story

Arielle finalized by saying in her story, “I agree that a person can leave if they’ve voiced that they’re not ready/don’t want children. However, I don’t support creating the impression that you will play an active part only to flake 2 months prior — I view that as immature and cruel.”

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Marco appears to maintain that he will do the best he can to support the child.