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TikToker loses their job after video insulting Joel Osteen goes viral

Published: 8/Dec/2021 22:43 Updated: 8/Dec/2021 22:50

by Dylan Horetski


TikToker Nick of NickandSoph lost his job after he posted a video insulting mega-church owner Joel Osteen straight to his face. 

While many people go viral on TikTok for performing dance trends, showing off a specific talent, or telling a funny story; going viral doesn’t always have a positive outcome.

With just over 31,000 followers on the app, TikToker Nick (who posts alongside his wife, Sophia on their account NickandSoph) has over 726,000 likes on his videos thanks to one receiving almost seven million views.

Just a day after their video went viral, Nick posted an update stating that he lost his job due to the content of the video. But what was so bad about this viral TikTok?


NickandSoph insults Joel Osteen and fans love it

With just three videos uploaded to their profile, one might find it confusing to see one go so viral. However, NickandSoph uploaded a video of him insulting controversial mega-church owner: Joel Osteen.

In the video, Nick records him approaching Osteen before he says: “Hey man, You know you’re a piece of s**t right?”

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Sound still has potential…. Got taken down for bullying #joelosteen #notbullying #happyholidays #fyp #blowthisup @worldstar @hasandpiker

♬ original sound – Nick & Soph

Hundreds of creators and viewers took to Nick’s comments to express how much they love the video.

InspectorAJ claimed that he believes the video deserves 650,000 likes.

TikToker and YouTuber Alexander The Great called for him to start a YouTube channel, stating that “the people need you.”


While the reception from creators was overwhelmingly positive, Nick’s job had the opposite reaction.

NickandSoph loses his job after insulting Joel Osteen

Within a day of the original video going viral, Nick posted an update to his new fans.

He said: “Hey everyone, thanks for all the support on that video. I didn’t expect it to blow up this much and with all that attention, I got fired this morning. So if anyone wants to buy me a beer, now would be a great time.”

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Well this escalated quickly…. #fired #joelosteen #heknows #thanksforurlove #fyp @H3 Podcast @Complex @The Daily Show

♬ original sound – Nick & Soph

Fans of Nick have flocked to the comments, offering various options to help the newly unemployed creator including donating money and attempting to help place him into a new job, quickly.