TikToker lashes out after man slaps her on Manhattan train: “f**k New York!”

Lawrence Scotti

A TikToker went viral after sharing their story of being assaulted on the New York City subway.

Although the New York City subway can be a place for random outbursts of fun, it can also be quite dangerous for its millions of riders a day.

One TikTok user went massively viral for sharing her story about how she was assaulted and then hospitalized by a stranger on the subway.

TikToker shares scary story of assault on NYC subway

Vesly Beato, a 22-year-old life-long New York City resident shared their story of how they ended up in a hospital over injuries sustained on the subway.

“I’ve lived here my entire life, and never in a million years did I think one of those people to get assaulted on the damn train.”

Vesly and her 15-year-old cousin were taking the 1 train from Times Square uptown when a man entered the subway. As the doors opened at the 66th street stop, the man slapped Beato and washed away from the scene off the train.

“This man slaps the s**t out of me and runs off the damn train. Mind you, we did not make eye contact not once. He couldn’t see my face because I had a mask and glasses.”

The TikToker went into complete shock, and couldn’t believe she had just been assaulted by a stranger. She recounted, “I didn’t even feel the slap. That’s how in shock I was. All I remember was people saying ‘She’s bleeding.'”

Beato was taken to Mount Sinai West Hospital for treatment on the cut on her nose from the slap. The TikTok of her recounting of the assault now has over 1.4 million followers, which shined a light on the dangers of NYC’s public transit.