TikToker Gabbie Egan tearfully apologizes after pleading guilty to assaulting police officer

Dylan Horetski
gabbie egan looking into the camera

TikToker Gabbie Egan has uploaded a tearful apology following an incident in Nashville where she was arrested for disorderly conduct and assault on a first responder.

Gabbie was arrested outside of a bar in Nashville on March 17, 2024, and news of the incident quickly made its way around TikTok.

Viewers waited for the female influencer to comment on the situation for weeks, and she finally did so on June 13, 2024, in a tearful apology.

“I have been waiting so long to speak on this, and today I can finally speak on it. I don’t even know where to start,” she said. “I just got out of court, I just plead guilty to my assault charge against a first responder. I wish I could have apologized to her there but she was gone before I could get a word with her.”

Gabbie went on to explain that she didn’t even recognize the officer at first due to her drunken state the night of the incident. To start off the apology, the TikToker addressed her disorderly conduct charge.

“I want to apologize to whoever I put my hands on at Ricky’s Honky Tonk. I cannot get over that sh*t. She should have smacked me in my f**kin face. I am banned from [the bar] so I will not be coming to apologize in person but I will be sending a letter,” she said.

The influencer went on to apologize to the police officer she headbutted during the incident as well as every office that had to deal with her that night in March. Egan also made it clear that she’s wanted to comment on the situation since the night it happened, but with it being an open case – she didn’t feel comfortable doing so.

TikToker gabbie egan

She said: “I truly am sorry to everyone involved in this and I have felt terrible since it happened.” Also, the TikToker made it quite clear that she’s going to remain mostly sober, stating that she doesn’t like who she “turns into” while drunk.

Viewers flooded the comments of her video with support. One user said: “Most sincere apology I’ve ever heard on this app.”

Another said: “this feels super authentic. mental health struggles are hard girl. I know I can’t drink more than one drink at a time. glad you discovered that about yourself.”

Gabbie’s apology comes just weeks after another TikToker apologized after receiving backlash for saying that she wants to use motorcyclists as “speed bumps.”