NYC subway fight turns into viral TikTok dance off

Lawrence Scotti
nyc subway tiktoktTikTok: persephoneofdaunderworld

A fight between two groups of men on the New York City subway turned into an epic dance battle in a video that instantly went viral on TikTok.

Every single NYC subway rider has been there before: through your headphones, you can hear two people begin to shout at each other.

While typically people end up going their separate ways after an argument, there’s always the threat of violence in those moments and people typically scatter the moment a heated exchange begins.

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Now, a TikTok has gone viral over a fight on a subway that ended up having a happy ending.

TikTok logo on a dark backgroundUnsplash: Alexander Shatov
TikTok is often viewed as a successor to Vine because of its variety of content.

NYC subway TikTok goes viral

TikTok user persephoneofdaunderworld posted a video on April 8 that showed a fight brewing between two parties of men on the New York City subway.

As the two groups began to draw near each other, passengers fled quickly to escape the pending brawl.

However, as soon as they got in each others faces, music began playing and a dance battle ensued, as all of the men began busting it down.

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The star of video TikTok is a shirtless man, who came out of nowhere and began dancing, even hanging from the top railing and pulling out the worm.

The unsung hero of the viral TikTok is the woman with AirPods in on the left side of the screen who, in the most New York City fashion possible, ignored both the original fight and the dancing that ensued.

The video instantly went viral and has over 700k views at the time of writing.

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The NYC subway has gained a reputation for the bizarre behavior amongst its passengers, and this is certainly part of that important legacy.

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