TikToker Kyle Scheele goes viral for fake gas station meal cutout

Dylan Horetski
kyle scheele tiktok kum & go gas station mealKum & Go/TikTok: KyleScheele

TikToker Kyle Sheele has gone viral after placing a cardboard cutout, advertising an idea for his own influencer meal, into a local Kum & Go gas station. 

While the short-form video app has provided countless dances, sounds, and other various trends, it also helps change the lives of creators in various other ways as well.

In October 2020 we saw ‘Doggface’ receive a new truck when the juice company Ocean Spray noticed him after a video of him drinking their cranberry juice while skateboarding down the road went viral.

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Now, TikToker Kyle Scheele has gained popularity after posting a gigantic cardboard cutout of himself inside of a Kum & Go gas station advertising “The Kyle Scheele Meal” which quickly caught the eye of the company who decided it wasn’t a bad idea.

kyle scheele tiktok mealTikTok: KyleScheele
Kyle’s cardboard cutout was nearly nine feet tall.

The Kyle Scheele Meal

In his first video regarding the prank, Scheele explained that he went into a local newly-built Kum & Go gas station and noticed a cardboard image that he wanted, so he asked if he could have it.

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Much to his amusement, Kyle learned that the store employees don’t have any control over things placed inside the store, so he immediately went home with the idea of creating his own cutout marketing something he’s always wanted—his own influencer meal.

After the help of two friends, one being a photographer and the other conveniently owning a print shop, Kyle realized that he had accidentally made his image nine feet tall. However, he didn’t let that hold him back as he still went ahead with the plan to place it in the store.

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Two days after the original was uploaded, the creator issued an update. In this video, he explained that thanks to his original video going viral with over 24 million views, he got the attention of the actual company who commented: “We won’t tell if you won’t.”

Kyle uploaded a third video a few days later explaining that Red Bull joined the conversation and after a few calls back and forth with both companies, they noticed the increased foot traffic he created with his “prank” and officially gave him a meal—renaming it “The Kyle Scheele Meale.”

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This prank-turned-partnership makes this TikToker one of the first to have their own influencer meal, joining the likes of J Balvin, BTS, and Mariah Carey who all have had collaborations with McDonald’s.

If you live near a Kum & Go gas station, Kyle’s meal consisting of two pieces of pizza placed on top of each other and a Red Bull, is available now.

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