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Noah Beck reveals why he’s never going to drink alcohol

Published: 22/Nov/2021 14:11

by Georgina Smith


Popular TikToker Noah Beck has explained why he’s not planning on drinking alcohol after he turns 21 in May 2022.

Noah Beck is one of TikTok’s most popular stars, with over 30 million followers on his account. He started posting videos to the app in 2020 where he quickly went viral and gained a loyal fanbase before joining well-known content house, the ‘Sway House.’

He doesn’t only make content for his TikTok, as he’s also known for his YouTube channel where he posts a variety of vlog content for his 1.5 million subscribers.

One of his most popular series is ‘Beckseat Driver,’ which, as the name suggests, sees him interview a range of people from friends to fellow TikTok stars while sitting in his car.


Noah Beck films a YouTube video
YouTube: Noah Beck
Noah posts regularly on both his TikTok account and his YouTube channel.

On November 21 he uploaded the latest episode in this series with his mom, and opened up on why he doesn’t plan on drinking alcohol even after he turns 21 in May, after she asked him about his relationship with alcohol.

“I just find no interest in it,” he said. “And like growing up and seeing a lot of my friends do it now makes me not want to do it even more because of how ridiculous they look.”

He went on to talk about what he thinks of people’s opinions of his decision not to drink. “I get it, people are probably like ‘oh my god Noah, shut up, live a little,’ and it’s like, I could have so much fun but it’s just that’s not always my idea of fun.


Topic starts at 6:06

Earlier in the video, he also mentioned that fellow TikToker Blake Gray wonders if because the rest of them are “getting it out of their systems” now, Noah might have the same experience even if he has his first sip of alcohol at age 30. However, Noah’s mom says that she’s “not worried about any of that.”

Fans seemed to love the lighthearted episode with his mom as a guest, and said they enjoyed seeing her insight on different aspects Noah’s life.