TikToker goes viral demonstrating the perfect way to handle a crazy ‘Karen’

TikTok: TylerDilisio

A TikToker has gone viral on the social media platform for dealing with an abrasive ‘Karen’ in the perfect way, after a dispute arose over a parking spot. 

The world of TikTok has proven time and again that it loves to see an unreasonable and rude ‘Karen’ humbled. 

From a ‘Karen’ trying to board a Disneyland ride via the exit to ruining weddings with obnoxiously loud music, there’s no shortage of reasons to explain why the internet is universally against pesky ‘Karens’.

A viral TikTok offered another justification for challenging a ‘Karen’ head on, with user tylerdilisio sharing a video of a neighbor being rude and aggressive in a dispute over a parking spot. 

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Viral TikTok tutorial shows how to handle “Karens” in parking spot dispute

The TikToker revealed that they had just got home from work and parked in their “paid spot” when they were challenged by an unknown woman who demanded the spot be vacated. 

“I got your plate, you’re gonna be in real trouble,” the woman threatened, pointing at Tyler. “You’re sitting in the car, I need to park here. Well get out. You don’t have a car pass.” 

Despite the TikToker’s attempts to explain that he was parked in the space legitimately, the woman only grew in anger, saying: “You are a disgusting piece of cr*p.” 

Staying remarkably calm in the face of aggression, the TikToker rolled up his car window and ignored her attempts to intimidate him. His only retort was saying “your mother” when insulted. 

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The video subsequently went viral on TikTok, currently sitting at over 7 million likes. Comments were generally complimentary of Tyler, praising the way he handled the situation and the particularly aggressive lady. 

“There has never been and there never will be a more perfect and appropriate response to a Karen!!” one viewer said.

Another commented: “Finally somebody who not just letting ppl or Karen’s talk to them any kind of way… I approve this video.” 

Despite their universal lack of popularity, we’re certain this won’t be the last we see of ‘Karens’ on TikTok.