‘Karen’ faces TikTok backlash after trying to board Disneyland ride via exit

Kawter Abed
‘Karen’ faces TikTok backlash after trying to board Disneyland ride via exit

A ‘Karen’ sparked backlash on TikTok after trying to board a Disneyland ride via exit, skipping the queue with her child.

The angry woman went viral on TikTok after allegedly attempting to cut in front of everyone in the line while clutching her child to her side.

“Karen tried to get on the ride from the exit,” a text overlay on the video reads.

In the video, which has amassed 1.2 million views, the woman and her child are sitting in a cart on Disneyland‘s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ride, before promptly yelling “No!” and seemingly getting kicked off.

“It’s ridiculous!” she shouts in the 40-second clip, before stomping away.

However, a few seconds later, the ‘Karen’ returns at the ride’s gate without her child, requesting to speak to a Cast Member. “I would like you to call someone, thank you very much,” she yells.

At one point she calls out, “Are you in charge?” before repeating her request to speak to someone. When she notices the person filming her, she screams, “Are you video taping me? F**k you!”

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TikTok react to ‘Karen’ trying to board Disneyland ride via exit

In the video’s comments section, many users slammed the woman’s behavior, and wondered why someone would act this way in public.

“Just holding her kid like that??? I’d pay so much money to know what these type of people are thinking,” one commented.

“How can someone be like this at DISNEYLAND,” another wrote. “Why are people not embarrassed when they act like this??” a third questioned.

Others expressed their sympathies for her child.

“I feel bad for her kid, too…I can’t imagine she treats them very well,” one user shared.

“Why do adults act like this? Like she’s ruining her child’s experience,” someone else wrote.

This is just the latest ‘Karen’ video to take off on TikTok, after a woman went viral last month for exposing a ‘Karen’ who cursed at her 4-year-old child.

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