‘Karen’ goes viral on TikTok for ruining wedding with loud lawnmower

Karen ruins tiktok wedding with lawnmowerTikTok/vampyyric

A TikToker is going viral after a ‘Karen’ purposely decided to ruin a wedding with a lawnmower during the ceremony.

TikTok has given internet users more ways than ever to shame ‘Karens’ by capturing their outrageous outbursts on camera for the world to see.

From Karens complaining about a homeowner’s Tigger flag to causing chaos in a Victoria’s Secret store, there are no shortage of viral clips.

Now, a Karen has taken things to another level by trying to ruin a wedding by shouting at attendees while using a loud lawnmower during the event.

wedding ruined by karen.TikTok/vampyyric
A Karen completely ruined this wedding.

Karen ruins wedding in viral TikTok

In the TikTok posted earlier in June, the uploader, ‘vampyyric,’ revealed that the woman began mowing her lawn the second the bride began to walk down the aisle.

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“She continued through the entire wedding and we could not hear the vows,” the TikToker explained.

In the replies, vampyyric further added that they went up to the woman to try to get her to stop, but she was “not kind” and continued to mow.

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“Not everyone has a reason to be a c**t, some people are just rude like that. It’s truly unfortunate,” the TikToker said.

In the comments, other users shared the TikToker’s frustration, commenting how they’d get revenge by ringing her doorbell at 3 AM or blast music into the night in retaliation.

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Since being posted, the video has amassed over 300,000 views, clearly an indication that the internet’s fascination with Karens is far from over.