TikTokers urged to become “Karens” as McDonalds orders go wrong

TikTok: ankita_uncut/McDonalds

TikTokers have shared some of their horror stories around McDonald’s orders after one TikToker went viral, revealing that the chicken was completely missing from her McChicken. 

At some point or another in your life, you’ve probably had a disastrous experience when it comes to getting food. Either the order was wrong, you waited far too long in the first place, or something else went wrong, we’ve all been there. 

When it comes to TikTok, food is one of the genres that millions of users flock to. They want to see the heated exchanges between delivery drivers and customers, and they want to see the exquisite stuff that top chefs cook. 

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In the case of one TikToker, ankita_uncut, they suffered a massive mishap while at McDonald’s, as the restaurant failed to give them a chicken patty on their McChicken. 

TikToker gets wrong McDonalds order and sparks debate

That’s right, the TikToker went a bit viral as their video gained over 1 million because they were only given a bun, mayo, and lettuce. She even had to put Chicken Nuggets in place of the patty.

She wasn’t alone though, as a number of viewers noted that they’ve been in similar situations recently and they’ve not been best pleased with McDonalds. 

“I just went through the same thing recently smh,” said one. “Take it back girl, become a Karen for a while and let them know lol,” added another. “I mean…one time I ordered a big mac & both beef patties and cheese were missing,” commented another. 

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Others suggested that customers should always complain if this happens to them, as they’ll more than likely get a coupon for a free sandwich. “Get the most expensive sandwich they have!” one added.

It won’t be the last round of horror stories shared about McDonalds orders on TikTok, so maybe keep the advice in your back pocket in case it ever happens to you.