Creepy viral TikTok terrifies users: “You do not recognize the bodies in the water”

SCP Realised logo on a glitch backgroundTikTok: scp_realised

Some TikTok users have been freaked out by a viral video telling them “you do not recognize the bodies in the water,” — but it’s all part of the fictional SCP foundation.

TikTok has become a hub for all sorts of viral content over the past couple of years. From dancing to cooking hacks, you can find just about everything on the video-sharing app.

Thanks to the For You Page algorithm, all sorts can pop up on your page when you first open the app, and some videos can turn out to be rather bizarre.

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Some users were freaked out after a glitchy video came up on their feed, with a robotic voice telling them “you do not recognize the bodies in the water.”

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The video is from an account called ‘SCP Realised,’ and it describes a lake labeled SCP-2316 in which “anomalous sensory phenomena manifest.” It goes on to explain that “this phenomenon convinces individuals that they recognize the bodies in the lake, and are compelled to aid them, often dying in the process.”

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Some viewers were concerned due to the emergency announcement-style video, but thankfully the story is just all part of a big web-based collaborative fiction project.

The project is called the SCP Foundation and documents a fictional organization that locates and contains entities that violate natural law.

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This TikTok account has been turning some of the creepiest and most popular cases from the site into short videos, where the phenomena are described by a creepy robotic voice.

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However, to those who aren’t aware of the huge fictional project, the videos can potentially be slightly alarming, so the account has a warning notice saying “not real” in the bio, just to put people’s minds at ease.

The TikTok about SCP-2316 has garnered a huge amount of attention with 5.5 million views and almost a million likes, and it looks like plenty of the other entries are beginning to gain traction too.

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