Jake Paul mocks Tommy Fury’s claims that “nothing can save him” ahead of fight

Tommy Fury in image next to Jake PaulInstagram: tommyfury / jakepaul

Ahead of their highly anticipated fight on December 18, Tommy Fury has hit out at opponent Jake Paul on social media, saying “you can’t come in my world and not get hurt.”

After months of going back and forth online, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s fight was finally set for December 18, and although the fight is a few weeks off, the pair have already been trading blows in the form of social media callouts.

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With heavyweight champ Tyson Fury in his brother’s corner, and Jake’s older brother Logan in his, the fight has certainly been drawing a lot of attention, with plenty of people weighing in on who they think could come out on top.

Of course, both fighters think highly of their chances, as Tommy sent a scathing callout to Jake via Twitter on November 14.

“Whilst Jake enjoys afternoons in the arcade playing dance mat with his side ting…. I thought I’d take 5 minutes out from the best camp of my life to say NOTHING can save you now,” he wrote.  “DECEMBER 18th, you’ll see that you can’t come in my world and not get hurt.”

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He posted the message alongside a video compiling some of the most dramatic moments from the fight build-up so far.

Naturally, Jake was quick to respond to the tweet. He uploaded a video to TikTok in which he read out Tommy’s tweet in what is assumed to be a mock British accent, along with the caption, “Woah this guy is serious.”

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With plenty of time to go until the event, there’s no doubt that the pair will continue their back and forth online. As tensions rise, many fans are eager to see who will actually manage to take down the other.

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