TikTok fans fight to get Khaby to number one over Charli D’Amelio

Connor Bennett
Khaby Lame and Charli D'Ameli side-by-side

Khaby Lame may still be a few million followers behind Charli D’Amelio, but TikTok users have got a plan in place to help him finally take the coveted top spot. 

While neither Charli D’Amelio nor Khaby Lame post as regularly as they once did on TikTok, the pair have remained in a tense battle to have the title as TikTok’s most-followed creator.

Charli has held the spot for quite some time thanks to her impressive 140 million follower count, but Khaby has closed the gap over time with some impressive growth of his own. Though, while he was on course to surpass her not too long ago, the Italian comedian still lags behind.

As it stands, Khaby is around three million followers behind Charli, but fans are hoping to finally propel him into first place with their ‘Khaby to number one’ plan.

Khaby Lame in a TikTok video
Khaby Lame was the first creator in Europe to accumulate 100 million subscribers on TikTok.

TikToker Noah Glenn Carter highlighted the idea to swarm comment sections and videos with support for Khaby, urging his followers to use the ‘Khaby to number one’ phrase in their replies and posts.

While only a few videos have used the #KhabyToNumberOne, Carter’s posts have racked up a few million views on their own, with some fans eager to help out with the campaign.

As per SocialBlade stats, since May 5th, the Italian comedian has gained around 200,000 new followers and has seen his follower count rise to 137.5 million despite the fact he has only uploaded a single video in that timeframe.

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Of course, not everybody is on board with the idea of bombarding comment sections, with some questioning if Khaby himself cares all that much about the top spot at this point.

“Khaby doesn’t care, he wants to work on his content,” replied one fan to Carter’s video. “Let’s not do this,” added a viewer. “Why must we make him number one, I don’t get it?” asked another.

Only time will tell if the idea is successful and if Khaby is able to finally claim the coveted spot at the top of the TikTok mountain.

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