TheDanDangler updates fans after 7th Twitch ban

Michael Gwilliam
thedandangler banned on twitch for 7th time

Controversial streamer TheDanDangler has been banned from Twitch for the seventh time in just over a year after a Halloween Party stream.

TheDanDangler might have a Twitch record for total suspends, eclipsing popular hot tub streamer Indiefoxx who had six bans before being permanently removed from the platform.

While the reason for this latest ban isn’t known, on October 29, the streamer went live “at the biggest Halloween party on Twitch” just before midnight and was hit with the ban just three hours later.

After going radio silent for most of the day following, the OnlyFans model updated her fans on the situation and the steps she is taking to get her account back.

TheDanDangler banned from Twitch for 7th time

In a series of posts on Twitter, the streamer revealed she was doing alright, but still gave no insights into what happened to get her banned in the seventh place.

“To my community, I love you all. Thank you for all your support,” she said. “I’m alive and okay. I hope to be back soon if Twitch takes my appeal.”

It’s not clear for how long she will be banned, especially with this being her seventh offense, so even if she does get her ban length reduced, it could be a while before she returns to Twitch.

In a follow-up message, she apologized to fans, “Sorry for worrying everyone yesterday. I just have mental health issues.”

TheDanDangler has been banned for a wide variety of reasons over the past year and a bit including a few instances for “inappropriate attire” in bikini streams.

Viewers, however, don’t want there to be an eighth time and are urging Twitch to make the ban permanent.

On the StreamerBans alert, comments range from “Maybe keep this one banned?” to “Keep her banned,” indicating that users have had enough.

We’ll have to see what Twitch ultimately decides and if TheDanDangler is eventually able to return to streaming at some point.