Tfue shows support for banned Twitch star Dellor with amusing tribute - Dexerto

Tfue shows support for banned Twitch star Dellor with amusing tribute

Published: 14/Oct/2019 5:34 Updated: 14/Oct/2019 6:16

by Brad Norton


One of the most popular Fortnite streamers, Turner ‘Overwatch player turned popular content creator, Dellor was recently banned from Twitch following an explosive outburst that saw him smash a keyboard into his own face

Having taken some time away from social media following brief period in medical care, Dellor returned to live streaming on YouTube instead and was met with overwhelming support. Now, pro Fortnite player and fellow streamer Tfue has reached out to show his respect and provide encouragement.

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In an October 13 broadcast on Twitch, Tfue decided to pay tribute to the recently banned streamer by mimicking his actions and smashing some equipment.


“Can we get some #FreeDellor in the chat please,” he pleaded his viewers before breaking his keyboard over his knee and holding the shattered remains in front of the camera for all to see.

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“Do not hit yourself with it or you will be banned,” one of Tfue’s friends warned in his voice chat just moments before the keyboard was snapped in half. 

Dellor was banned from the Twitch platform for violating the terms of service. Smashing a keyboard over his face counted as an expression of self-harm which subsequently resulted in his removal from the streaming site.


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In his October 6 return to live streaming, Dellor transitioned to the YouTube platform and was greeted by over 15,000 concurrent viewers. 

The streaming community has been highly supportive of Dellor’s recent efforts in the face of adversity and this homage from Tfue evidently meant the world to him as he responded with a simple, “I love you @TTfue”

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Known for his amusing outbursts, even playing into the cliche with his YouTube icon set to a picture of his face mid-scream, Dellor has yet to follow up with another stream on the platform.

With the video of his first stream now sitting at over half a million views, it will be interesting to see if his success on the platform continues to skyrocket in the face of his recent ban from Twitch.