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Tfue gifts delivery driver huge tip despite getting food stolen

Published: 29/Nov/2018 1:26 Updated: 29/Nov/2018 1:50

by Virginia Glaze


Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer FaZe Tfue was part of a hilarious debacle on November 27, after a delivery driver allegedly stole the food he was supposed to bring to the FaZe Fortnite house.

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Tfue had ordered Chic-Fil-A through the Doordash app when he discovered that his meal would likely never make it back to his home. Although the order was marked as “delivered,” the food was nowhere to be seen – prompting Tfue to speculate that the driver had likely stolen his dinner.

“Should I put this guy on blast for stealing my food?” Tfue asked his audience during a livestream. “Is it even worth it?”


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At the behest of his chat, he showed the driver’s face – after which he had a surprising change of heart. Tfue went on to tip the driver $100.00 despite his wrongdoing, predicting that he would be on the receiving end of bad karma, thanks to his actions.

“This fucking dude stole my food,” Tfue continued. “Do you know what I’m gonna do? …Imma tip this guy a hundred bucks, dude.”

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However, Tfue wasn’t completely nonplussed by the incident; he went on to ask his audience to find the perp’s Instagram to “roast his shit” for stealing his Chic-Fil-A.

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“I don’t really care,” Tfue went on to say. “That guy’s gonna get karma, bro. You keep driving around the dangerous streets, bro, see what happens.”

While Tfue was obviously burnt that he didn’t get his chicken, he managed to show kindness despite his circumstances.