Ninja has harsh advice for parents sending their kids to Fortnite rehab clinics

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While some parents are worried about the amount of time their children are spending playing Fortnite, popular Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has a few things to say about their worries.

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As is the case with most video games that become incredibly popular, kids begin to spend a ridiculous amount of time playing them, leading their parents to become worried.

The situation has seemingly gotten so bad, that some parents are even sending their kids to rehab due to them becoming addicted and playing up to 12 hours a day.

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As chronicled in a video that has been making the rounds on Twitter since it was posted on the morning of November 28, this is seemingly a widespread problem that many parents are facing.

The video was accompanied with an article that at one point draws a connection between video games and drugs, as British behavioral specialist concludes that “[Fortnite] is like heroin. Once you are hooked, it’s hard to get unhooked.”

To Ninja, however, the problem is not with Fortnite itself, but rather with the parents, as he makes it clear that the issue is with them not being able to curb their children’s habit more than anything else.

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He says that instead of in lieu of the article’s title of ‘Fortnite Addiction Is Forcing Kids Into Video-Game Rehab,’ they should have instead gone with ‘Terrible parents don’t know how to take their kid’s gaming system away.’

This debate is nothing new, though, as most popular games are met with similar claims as parents fight to deal with their children sinking tons of time into a new game.

With Fortnite recently crossing over the 200 million-player mark and much of the audience being of a younger age, it’s likely that this won’t be the last time we hear discussion on this matter.