Tfue fishing stream almost ends in disaster after catching a literal shark

tfue with shark in fishing twitch streamTwitch: Tfue

Twitch star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney was left stunned when he almost lost his rod during a fishing stream, after hooking a shark that wanted to take the equipment with them on their escape.

Tfue is best known from his come-up as one of the best Fortnite players in the world, before transitioning to other games and becoming a more varied Twitch streamer.

He also regularly streams doing outdoor activities, being more active than just the gamer he’s known as, and that was no different during his fishing stream on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.

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While fishing is often quite a calm affair, with one or two exciting catches and nothing completely out of the ordinary, Tfue came up against something a little more daunting during his fishing trip.

Tfue catches shark in Twitch fishing stream

After over an hour out on the water, Tfue got a huge pull on his line, noticing pretty quickly that it wasn’t just any regular bass or carp but a full-blown shark.

Following a struggle to get the shark up to the surface of the water, and jokingly telling the shark to stop eating their fish, it flailed, pulled, and quickly swam away, snapping Tfue’s rod in half in the process.

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Most fishers would be overjoyed to get a shark on their hook at all, but Tfue definitely seemed to take it in his stride.

He was obviously a bit stunned after the shark swam off with half of his rod, but besides that, he didn’t react too much.

While he’s not quite as popular as he once was, Tfue remains one of the most followed creators on Twitch and still pulls in thousands of viewers whether he’s gaming, fishing, or otherwise.

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