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Tfue buys warehouse to create new training center for aspiring streamers

Published: 14/Jan/2020 14:58 Updated: 14/Jan/2020 15:12

by Jacob Hale


Fortnite pro and Twitch superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed plans to create a “centralized hub” to teach aspiring streamers and help them develop.

Tfue is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories in gaming. He has built a brand rivaled in the space by only the likes of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, who has become a mainstream star in his own right.

That said, he is very clearly aware of the skillset needed to see success in his line of work, and now appears to want to help others in the space grow and see the same success he has.

Twitch: Tfue
Tfue has long been one of the most popular names in streaming, and was the most-streamed individual in 2019.

Speaking with Washington Post in an interview published on January 13, 2020, Tfue and his family spoke about a number of things – his lawsuit with FaZe Clan, celebrity status and life growing up in the Tenney household, to name but a few.

The final topic that came up revolved around a 16,000-square foot warehouse Tfue recently bought, which is to be used as a “centralized hub” for Tfue and his brother, Jack, to create content and teach others about streaming, as well as other passions such as stunts and action sports.

Their dad, Richard, explained: “We just take Jack and Turner, put them in a building, and show these kids how to do it. We’re gonna bring them in, get them started. If you have two, three, five thousand [followers], you have a chance!”

Instagram: savage
The Tenney family have big plans for the next phase of Tfue’s career.

The Washington Post piece goes on to explain that part of the idea is to create a new kind of gaming or streaming organization, where selected individuals will be taught how to grow their following.

Richard also mentioned that online courses will be available to everyone, but does not offer any kind of time frame as to when these will become available.

Tfue himself hasn’t spoken publicly on what Washington Post dubbed “Tfue Studios,” but if he has already purchased the warehouse to pull it off in, it might be coming sooner rather than later.

Call of Duty

xQc immediately regrets mocking CoD controller players

Published: 17/Nov/2020 13:30

by Jacob Hale


The mouse and keyboard versus controller debate is one that will likely last forever, but Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a rude awakening when discussing how “easy” playing Call of Duty on controller is.

The entire argument falls back on the ‘PC Master Race’ idea, with players believing that mouse & keyboard on PC is the optimal way to play any game, especially when it comes to first-person shooters.

Obviously, it all comes down to personal preference. In CoD alone, we see players like Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff stick to his controller roots, while his oft-teammate Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar prefers to play on mouse and keyboard.

xQc falls into the same category as Tim, having made his name as a professional Overwatch player and one of Twitch’s top streamers on mouse and keyboard — and clearly doesn’t have the highest opinion of controller players.

Black Ops Cold War Miami
xQc is playing through the Call of Duty campaign with a controller.

While playing through the new Black Ops Cold War campaign on a controller, xQc explains why quickscoping on a controller isn’t that impressive, but it quickly comes back to bite him.

“There’s bullet magnetism, there’s auto-aim, there’s crosshair magnetism…” the Canadian star said, before telling his viewers to look at how easy it is.

He then proceeded to miss several more shots than he hit, instantly proving himself wrong and regretting mocking controller players before actually testing what he was talking about.

“In this case,” he continued after missing a flurry of shots, “it’s a glitch. It’s a glitch.”

xQc went sheepishly silent after the clip, while his chat burst out in laughter given the incredible timing of what he had been saying about quickscoping on a controller.

Obviously xQc won’t be that upset about it, but he might think twice before he makes comments like that about controller players again.