Tfue gives away $100k to strangers in epic Kick streaming return

Meera Jacka
Tfue gives away $100k to strangers in epic Kick streaming returnX: Tfue

Former Twitch star Tfue is celebrating his return from retirement by handing away free money on a beach while streaming live on Kick.

American streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is officially out of retirement. Known primarily for his Fortnite streams, Tfue was one of the biggest creators on Twitch before ending his career in June of 2023.

However, his absence would not be for long. Months later, on November 19, Tfue announced on X (formerly Twitter) that he had signed with Kick and would be stepping into the spotlight once more.

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Now, the popular streamer is back and has made sure his return is memorable by handing away free money from a beach stand while streaming the charitable act on Kick.

“Giving away free money on the beach right now live on Kick,” Tfue wrote on X. He also included a photo of his beach stand and three security guards protecting a large ceramic bowl filled with cash, coming to a total of $100,000.

The first “customers” to take advantage of the deal were two passersby who weren’t too sure at first whether or not to trust that the money was real. Shocked by the generosity, they were gifted a bundle of cash each before Tfue explained why he had set up scaffolding out in front of the stand.

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“We put the scaffolding there just in case too many people show up for this awesome deal we have going on,” Tfue said. “Buy nothing, get free money.”

Predicting a lot of customers in the near future, Tfue planned to make his escape to higher ground if the crowd got out of control.

It certainly looks as if Tfue’s prediction might be warranted too, considering some of the eager fans in his comments.

“I’m dead ass about to drive 5 hours I think,” one person wrote on X. Another said, “Save some for me, I’m stuck in England right now.”

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