Stream snipers bombard Tfue after he forgets to change Fortnite settings

. 3 years ago

Stream snipers can be the bane of existence for popular Twitch stars, as Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney recently experienced the hard way.

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Chapter Two of Fortnite recently launched on October 10 and with it came a brand new map. In a recent match on the new terrain however, Tfue quickly discovered that far too many players were chasing him down.

After being picked off with dozens of opponents still in the game, the Twitch star quickly caught onto the situation at hand and went back into the replay to vent his frustrations.

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In an October 22 broadcast, the popular Fortnite professional seemingly forgot to switch on the Streamer Mode function.

As a result, a large portion of the Battle Royale lobby immediately flocked to his location nearby Risky Reels, and all but teamed up in order to take him out of the match.

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“Oh wow, it appears that every single person in the radius is actually looking towards Risky Reels, what an unusual turn of events we have here,” he sarcastically joked.

With an abundance of players rotating through the map and encircling Tfue’s position, the streamer zoomed through the replay and showcased how absurd the eventual build-fight really was.

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Epic Games introduced Streamer Mode to Fortnite in order to combat the very issue exemplified throughout the broadcast. 

Stream Sniping as it is commonly referred to, occurs when viewers watch their favorite streamer and attempt to load into the same game as them. If there’s no stream delay, the fan will be aware of the exact location and should have a much easier time hunting the content creator down.

Streamer Mode ensures that display names remain anonymous, meaning that Tfue could have easily hidden his identity in the lobby if only he’d toggled the feature on.

Epic Games - Fortnite
A look at the Streamer Mode settings in Fortnite.
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The streamer has gone on record and called Chapter Two of Fortnite “the worst thing ever.”

It definitely seems as though this latest mishap won’t be doing any favors to help change his mind anytime soon.

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