Ninja & Cloakzy reveal new details on Tfue’s “slave” Twitch contract

ninja-tfue-twitch-contract-details-cloakzyInstagram: tfue / YouTube: Ninja

Streaming stars Ninja and Cloakzy shed new light on the details of Tfue’s Twitch contract, saying the streamer was a “slave” to the site.

Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney is well-known in the gaming space for his exploits in Fortnite, rising to online fame in the late 2010s.

He’s also a top-tier streamer, currently standing as the seventh most-followed broadcaster on Twitch. In his heyday, Tfue commanded legions of loyal viewers… but he notably stepped back from streaming earlier this year.

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In June 2023, Tfue famously ‘retired’ from broadcasting, saying he “felt trapped” by the obligations of being a streamer. “I used gaming to escape from reality, and I feel like now I use reality to escape from work,” he said.

tfue-leaves-streaming-tearful-hiatus-fortniteYouTube: Tfue
Tfue opened up to fans in a tearful video in Summer 2023, saying he was retiring from streaming.

Now, other top broadcasters are shedding light on the true nature of Tfue’s Twitch contract, claiming that the Fortnite star was under a boatload of pressure to meet eye-popping work hours.

Ninja claims Tfue was a “slave” to Twitch contract

During a broadcast in mid-November, Twitch stars Ninja and Cloakzy got together to play some Fortnite OG when they began discussing the topic of Tfue’s Twitch contract.

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Ninja claimed he thought Tfue was obligated to stream “200 – 300 hours” per month as outlined by his contract.

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“[Tfue] had a contract where he had to stream 200 hours a month,” Cloakzy said, seemingly making mention of Tfue’s retirement. “He’s enjoying life right now.”

After a bit of back-and-forth, Ninja agreed with Cloakzy’s sentiment, saying, “I thought it was 250 – 300 hours. Yeah dude, Tfue was a slave to his contract, unfortunately.”

To put these hours into perspective, that’s nearly the equivalent of working ten-hour days, seven days a week, every week for a month, without any days off.

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At the time of writing, Tfue is still staying silent on social media, with his most recent Twitch broadcast recorded seven months ago.

It’s unclear if he’ll return to streaming sometime in the future, but for now, it looks like Tfue is focusing on himself after indefinitely stepping away from his career.

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