Tfue announces unexpected break from streaming: “I feel trapped”

David Purcell

Fortnite professional player is among the biggest names to regularly broadcast on the livestreaming platform, but it appears that the job has been having an emotional toll on his mental health. 

He had previously given fans many hints that he was no longer happy playing Epic Games’ popular battle royale game back, suggesting that he would be looking to give other games a try in August, but after a short stint on Minecraft it appears that Tfue now thinks a break from streaming is in order. 

Tfue, InstagramTfue has nearly seven million followers on Twitch, enjoying huge success streaming Fortnite.

Opening up about his decision in a series of short statements on September 13, the former FaZe Clan player announced that fans definitely won’t be seeing him online any time soon – as he needs to take a break. 

“I’m taking some time off streaming,” he tweeted. “I have anything I could ask for in life but for some reason I’m not happy lately.” 

While he never mentioned the amount of time that he will be going away for, his next message was potentially more concerning. “I feel trapped in a negative crawl space in my mind,” Tenney added. 

Tfue has announced a Twitch streaming hiatus.

There’s no doubt that the year of 2019 will have been a challenging one for Tfue in some regards, having been caught up in a long-drawn-out exit from FaZe Clan, which also included two lawsuits. 

He challenged the organization legally after claiming they had signed him to an “oppressive” contract back in May, while FaZe counter-sued the player at the beginning of August, arguing that he was in breach of contract and was guilty of ‘betrayal’. 

Whether or not these events specifically impacted the decision to take a break from streaming or not is unclear, but his huge fanbase will be wishing him all the best during this time – and will no doubt flock back to his channel in large numbers whenever he decided to return. 

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