Tayler Holder begs fans to stop expecting influencers to be “perfect” - Dexerto

Tayler Holder begs fans to stop expecting influencers to be “perfect”

Published: 20/Apr/2021 0:58

by Bill Cooney


Social media star Tayler Holder has begged fans on Twitter to stop holding influencers to higher standards than everyone else, since they’re only human.

Social media stars are some of the biggest celebrities around right now, and it seems like every week there’s a new scandal going on surrounding something an influencer has done.

From everything we see in their Instagram posts and YouTube videos, it’s easy to forget that influencers, like other celebrities, are humans too. This means they won’t always be perfect, which is just what Tayler Holder wanted to remind fans with a Twitter post on April 19.


“Please stop having such high expectations for all influencers to be perfect and always do the right thing,” Holder asked fans, and while it’s unknown whether or not he was referencing a certain incident here, one look at the various scandals plaguing multiple influencers at the moment does his comments into perspective.

It’s often hard for influencers to come back and see the success they did after being “cancelled” or called out, even if they’ve been vindicated.

Making and learning from mistakes though, is what makes us human, Holder said, and influencers just like us are learning as they go.


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Instagram: Tayler Holder
Holder doesn’t agree with the unrealistic standards influencers are held to right now.

“We are human, we’re gunna fall, we are gunna do wrong thins in our life that y’all won’t always agree with,” he added. “But thats how you learn and grow as a person!”

But, being understanding and forgiving isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do online or on social media, where jumping on the hate train is often the easier and more popular option.