Tana Mongeau pokes fun at Jake Paul marriage with new makeup routine - Dexerto

Tana Mongeau pokes fun at Jake Paul marriage with new makeup routine

Published: 5/Oct/2019 19:43 Updated: 5/Oct/2019 19:47

by Virginia Glaze


YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot in late July after finally admitting their secret relationship – but things got off to a rocky start for the newlyweds.

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Shortly after their marriage, Tana Mongeau suffered a “family emergency,” leaving husband Jake Paul on his own for their international honeymoon.

During this honeymoon, fans speculated that the Team 10 founder was cheating, thanks to one model on his music video shoot joking that she would be the reason for their divorce.

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KEEMSTAR, TwitterJake Paul was spotted with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, leading fans to speculate the Team 10 founder was cheating on his fiance Tana Mongeau.

With Mongeau distracted by family matters and Paul being spotted with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, things were looking grim for the YouTubers in the eyes of their fans – but Tana showed that she’s not above poking a little fun at her relationship.


The YouTuber uploaded a video on October 4, titled, “My everyday makeup routine since getting married” – but this wasn’t any normal glam. Instead, Mongeau painted her face to look like a clown, taking good-humored shots at her marriage to Paul in the process.

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“If you have a boyfriend and he cheats on you, if you guys have a fight or anything, the next day at school, you can show up wearing this,” she joked. “…this is really what I’ve been looking like every day.”

Despite Mongeau’s “clownery,” it doesn’t look like she’s parting ways with Paul anytime soon, as she later Tweeted that the two visited a Target store – resulting in a humorous reaction from the location’s staff.


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Mongeau’s “makeup tutorial” wouldn’t be the first “update” she’s given to fans, either: both she and Paul teamed up for an update video on October 1, where the two admitted that they’d been “living their lives off of social media” in an attempt to “mesh” after the chaos of their wedding.

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Despite speculation that “Jana” is just a sham for views, it doesn’t look like these lovebirds are parting ways in the near future – and with Jake Paul fiending for a boxing match for November 9, things are busy as ever for YouTube’s most buzzed-about couple.