Streamer dragged out of room by police during live broadcast

Finnish police forcibly removed a streamer out of his room while he was broadcasting, following an alleged incident that took place earlier on October 5.

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Many popular streamers have experienced police interference while broadcasting to their fans, although it is usually caused by a viewer sending law enforcement to their house, known as “swatting”.

However, for this Finnish streamer and his friend, the visit from the local authorities was apparently due to his own actions earlier in the stream.

WikimediaThe police were reportedly responding to a disturbance in the area.
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The streamer can be seen letting police into his apartment before returning to his setup and waiting for them to approach him.

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According to rough translations provided by viewers of the stream, the police informed the streamer that they were contacted about an incident that took place in Alko, a popular alcohol retail store in Finland.

It was claimed that the store had refused to serve the two men in the clip, as they were apparently already intoxicated, and the men then allegedly refused to leave the store until the police were called by the cashier.

Note that these translations cannot be verified at this time.

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After a bit of back and forth, the police eventually decided they would be taking him in to prevent the streamer from possibly causing any further disturbances in his supposed drunken state.

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The streamer showed some hesitation to leaving willingly, and the two cops then dragged him out of the room where his stream setup was located, followed closely by his friend, before they were likely brought to the local police station.

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This is not the first time someone was interrupted by police while broadcasting to their viewers recently, as another streamer panicked after realizing he had been swatted.

However, not all livestreamers have had a tough time with the cops, as popular IRL streamer KiaraaKitty learned after being ‘stream sniped’ by a fan of hers who was in the police force.

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