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Jake Paul addresses Tana Mongeau dating rumors in revealing video

Published: 1/May/2019 20:37 Updated: 1/May/2019 20:49

by Virginia Glaze


Controversial YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau spurred a slew of dating rumors after Mongeau was allegedly caught in Paul’s bed – and now, Paul is finally opening up about their possible relationship.

Paul explained their rumored romance during a vlog uploaded on April 30, claiming that the two were merely “good friends” – despite teasing Mongeau as “the girl he’s been hiding” throughout the video.

The two reminded fans that they are both single, following Paul’s breakup with model Erika Costell in 2018 and Mongeau’s emotional split with Justin-Bieber lookalike Brad Sousa in mid-April.

Tana Mongeau’s take on the ‘secret dating’ madness

“I think it’s always fun to poke fun at how crazy the internet can be,” Mongeau said of the matter during her ‘Mukbang’ video with Paul. “They see one Snapchat of me somewhere and they’re like, ‘You’re automatically fucking and secretly dating and whatever!’”

Despite their apparent status as “just friends,” the two embraced in an off-screen kiss just as Paul’s vlog ended. The act prompted even more speculation from fans as to a possible romance between the two YouTubers.

How did the dating rumors begin?

Of course, this avalanche of speculation didn’t happen overnight; rumors about Paul and Mongeau’s relationship initially stirred after Paul appeared to admit to flirting with Tana at a party during a previous vlog.

Rumors later heightened after a fan asked Mongeau about her opinion on on Paul’s looks shortly thereafter.

“Clout points are up,” Mongeau responded. “The odds are in my favor.”

Mongeau then uploaded a video to Snapchat, which fans noted had been taken in Paul’s bed at the Team 10 mansion. The two confirmed it was the same bed in their vlog on the topic, with Mongeau claiming that she’d done her best to keep the bed frame out of view.

Tana Mongeau, Snapchat / Drama Alert, YouTubeFans went wild after Tana Mongeau uploaded this video to Snapchat, noting how the headboard of the bed was markedly similar to Jake Paul’s bed, as seen in his vlogs.

Mongeau’s alleged involvement with Paul follows both her split with Sousa and her highly-publicized breakup with former Disney actress Bella Thorne in late February, marking an emotional springtime for the YouTuber who claimed that Sousa had cheated on her.

Tana Mongeau’s YouTube stardom has even earned her an upcoming reality show on MTV, titled ‘No Filter: Tana Turns 21,’ which has yet to receive an official release date.


xQc has hilarious response after Logic roasts him on stream

Published: 5/Dec/2020 15:13

by Georgina Smith


Twitch streamer xQc had the best response after rapper Logic declined his invitation to a chess match live on stream, having mistakenly thought him to be the winner of the PogsChamps chess tournament.

Felix Lengyel a.k.a. xQc has been absolutely crushing Twitch stats this year, proving to be the most popular, and the highest-earning, streamer of 2020.

Despite his success, one area where he is most certainly lacking is chess skills – look no further than his 6-move loss to critikalMoist during the first PogChamps tournament as evidence of that.

In bizarre circumstances though, xQc’s chess skills earned him an unexpected roast from rapper Logic, live on stream, sparking a hilarious interaction between the streamers.

xQc instagram photo
Instagram: xqcow1
xQc has become arguably the biggest name on Twitch in 2020.

xQc has been trying his hand at online chess recently, and has played with multiple different people online. Keen to see if Logic was willing to participate in a game, Lengyel sent him an invite, and hopped over to his stream to watch the reaction.

But, the reaction wasn’t quite what he expected. “F**k that dude, man. xQc wants to play with me, but he was Pog champion wasn’t he? F**k that dude, man. F**k xQc,” Logic joked.

Logic had got his wires a little crossed, as Felix actually placed last in Chess.com’s PogsChamps tournament back in June, and again in August. It’s safe to say xQc was bewildered, unsure of what caused the seemingly unprompted roast.

Though xQc had a hilarious comeback of his own, calling him a “strawberry looking a** man,” going on to say “what does he mean? What did I do?”

In the background, Logic continues with “he’s about to smack me up man,” as Felix looks on completely baffled as to how he’d been confused for an unrivaled chess player.

It’s clear the jokes were all in good fun, as Logic quickly asked his team to follow xQc on Twitter so the pair could DM.

Fans were loving the hilarious exchange between Felix and Logic, with one of the clips uploaded to YouTube gaining over 400,000 views in only a couple of days.