Logan Paul mocked for “anti-terrorist” KSI press conference plan

. 3 years ago
imPaulsive, YouTube / Freepik

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI met for the first time in over a year during their September 14 press conference – and despite rumors of a cancellation, their second conference is coming up fast.

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The YouTubers bandied words at the Los Angeles Staples Center on September 14, with both parties slinging insults and predicting knockout victories ahead of their November 9 rematch.

However, it seemed that a second press conference was out of the question, with KSI Tweeting that a “certain man don’t want the smoke.”

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While Logan Paul vehemently denied this claim, Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn later announced an impromptu conference across the pond for Monday, October 7 – but fans are predicting a nasty outcome.

Paul himself called back to their 2018 UK press conference – which resulted in an actual riot in the streets – and even Tweeted that he’ll be increasing his security ahead of time to prevent potential bodily harm.

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“…this year’s [press conference] will have riot police, armed security and an anti-terrorism unit,” the Maverick leader wrote. “Don’t try anything funny, you hooligans, or you’ll get shot down by intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

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While he very well may have been joking, Paul’s Tweet incited a slew of mockery toward the YouTuber, with critics calling back to his previous scandals in light of his statement on last year’s riot.

“Well, when one of us gets shot down, let’s hope you don’t record it,” one user replied.

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“All that to stop a KSI fan slapping your dad,” another wrote.

Even Maverick member Mike Majlak commented on the ridiculousness Paul’s post, writing, “What is life 😂 all over a YouTube boxing match.”

That’s not the only criticism Paul has received as of late, either: the YouTuber also claimed that KSI kept his fans out of the venue in 2018, which KSI rebuffed in a scathing Tweet, taunting, “Why are you acting like you have fans in the UK?”

With KSI likewise claiming that Paul would “get obliterated” at their next presser, fans and critics alike are waiting with bated breath to see what comes out of their upcoming meeting – although a riot is hopefully not one of those outcomes.

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