Tana Mongeau hits back at TikToker claiming she “threatened” him

Instagram: tanamongeau

Tana Mongeau has slammed a TikToker that claimed she “threatened” him in Instagram DMs, responding to say that she would “never” be rude to people or let herself be accused of it.

Tana Mongeau has never been one to shy away from controversy or own up to issues in her life. In November 2021, she hit back at critics after leaving the Reality House over a $500 manicure, while earlier in the year, she discussed how her marriage to Jake Paul pushed her into therapy.

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Having accepted her life of making headlines, she’s not shied away from these kinds of topics — but now, she’s defended herself after a TikToker’s accusations about her.

TikToker Nathan Boone posted to his Instagram story with alleged DMs from Tana saying that he needs to “stop posting that weird sh*t on my pictures,” as well as apparently telling him that “you’ll be hearing from my legal team if you don’t delete that TikTok.”

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Tana Mongeau sits facing the camera in a storytime videoYouTube: Tana Mongeau
Tana was not letting these accusations slide.

Now, she’s addressed those posts, categorically denying them and saying that they are faked and photoshopped.

In a TikTok posted in December, she said: “Y’all could cancel me for anything. I don’t care, I will have any scandal, I don’t give a f**k what it is, I’m well aware I’m a scandalous person. But one thing, over my dead body, that you will never cancel my friends and I for is being rude to someone.

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“I would rather have a scandal for eating my own sh*t than this scandal that this motherf**ker is trying to make me have.”

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Nathan responded to her saying that he was just “trolling,” to which Tana says “trolling would insinuate there’s a joke.”

Nathan has since deleted the TikTok in question about Tana and her friends, though comments on his recent posts are still flooded with Tana fans questioning his “lies.”

Needless to say, Nathan won’t be likely to post about Tana and her friends any time soon given how this has all gone down.

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