Tana Mongeau explains how Jake Paul relationship pushed her to therapy

Jake Paul standing with his arm around wife Tana Mongeau.YouTube: Jake Paul

YouTuber Tana Mongeau has explained why she had to get therapy for a year following her breakup with fellow influencer Jake Paul.

Tana and Jake caused a stir on the internet in 2019 when they started dating, got engaged, and got married all within the same year.

The pair took their millions of fans on the journey of their relationship and eventual wedding, but there were plenty of people who believed they were faking the entire relationship for publicity.

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They announced that they had broken up in 2020, and since then, the relationship between the pair hasn’t been entirely good. In August, Tana fired back after Jake called her a “sloth” in a TikTok about his career fails, with Tana later saying in an interview that she “really loved” him.

Now as a guest on the ‘Mom’s Basement’ podcast, Tana has revealed just how deeply their relationship and subsequent breakup affected her.

“What hurts me even more is it’s like, okay you can look at as clout playing, you can say I played my part and he played his part. But also who was there every night when he was crying,” she said. “Who was there over his family? Who was there every single day, every scandal who was sitting there?”

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Tana explained that to her “it was genuinely out of love” and went on to add: “You know when you’re a girl and you’re being so gaslighted by someone you’re so in love with, you’re like ‘he’s misunderstood, no one understands him.’ I was like, ‘no one understands him, I have to be there, no one’s close to him,’ I did everything.”

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“That’s why losing him was so… I got therapy for a literal like full year, I had to get a life coach. I was so f**ked up in the head because I lost the person who understood me more than anyone on this planet.”

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Tana has since got together with her new partner, but it’s clear that her relationship with Jake had a big impact on her.

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