Tana Mongeau hits back at critics after quitting Reality House over $500 manicure

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An image of Tana Mongeau on the show Reality House.

YouTube star Tana Mongeau is slamming her critics after quitting the first episode of Reality House’s third season over her pricey manicure.

Reality House season three is underway, and things are already heating up between the show’s eight contestants — one of whom is MTV starlet Tana Mongeau.

Mongeau notably stirred up online criticism after quitting the show’s very first challenge, which tasked participants with scaling a 25 foot tall rock wall.

While the majority of contestants completed the task without incident, Tana adamantly refused to partake, citing concerns with ruining her $500 manicure before Fashion Week.

Reality House contestants
Tana Mongeau notably refused to take part in the first challenge on Reality House Season 3, claiming she didn’t want to ruin her expensive manicure ahead of Fashion Week.

Tana Mongeau explains why she quit Reality House

“I 100% was gonna stay for the entire duration that I could stay, but I also didn’t think the first challenge would be so physical,” Mongeau said of the incident. “I’m gonna break a nail, and I’ve gotta go to Fashion Week.”

While it’s unclear if Mongeau was actually eliminated from the show or not, plenty of netizens were up in arms over her reasons for quitting and poked fun at her in the comments.

Mongeau is now hitting back at these remarks, posting a pointed video on TikTok explaining her side of the situation.

(Topic begins at 27:54)

“I cannot believe that people are pressed and trying to theorize why I didn’t rock climb on Reality House,” she began. “If you are pressed that I did not rock climb, you do not know me.”

“I have been talking about on YouTube, from the day I sat down on my YouTube channel, about how I am probably the laziest person alive, and if anything is involving agility, count me out!”

“Of course, being on Reality House was an amazing opportunity,” she continued. “I’m not an agile individual, I never have been, I never will be. … Y’all need to stop acting like anyone would be happy if I went home with $100,000 over a single mom who doesn’t make millions on OnlyFans.”

The response to Tana’s video has been decidedly mixed; some fans are in total agreement with the star, while others continue to shake their heads over her sudden exit in the season’s very first episode.

Fans can tune into Reality House on Kian and Jc’s official YouTube channel.

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