Tana Mongeau quits Reality House in very first episode over $500 concern

Virginia Glaze
YouTube: KianandJc

YouTube star Tana Mongeau quit Season 3 of Reality House on the show’s very first episode, citing concerns over her nails — which she says cost a whopping $500.

Celebrated YouTube reality show ‘Reality House’ has officially returned for Season 3, and things are already getting intense between its cast of internet-famous contestants.

This season’s cast has dwindled from 12 to 8 participants, involving none other than TikTok star Bryce Hall and MTV starlet Tana Mongeau, among other social media celebrities.

However, it looks like Tana’s stint on the show was short-lived, as the influencer walked away from the very first challenge in the show’s very first episode.

Tana Mongeau reality house
YouTube: KianandJc
Tana Mongeau was slated to appear in Reality House’s third season, but ended up declining to participate in the show’s first challenge.

Tana Mongeau walks away from Reality House’s first challenge

The task facing the 8 competitors involved climbing a 25 foot tall rock wall. The influencer with the quickest time would win the competition and gain an advantage in the house, but the slowest was liable to be eliminated.

While most of the cast ended up scaling the wall with little difficulty, Tana Mongeau was not about to risk ruining her $500 manicure by gripping the handholds.

The YouTuber adamantly declined to participate in the challenge in spite of the encouragement from her housemates.

Reality House rock wall
YouTube: KianandJc
The Reality House’s first challenge required participants to scale a 25 foot rock wall.

“I don’t think I have that in me,” Mongeau said. “I really like my nails. … I’m not doing it. My nails were like $500 yesterday. I’ll pose by it, but I don’t do things like this. I’m gonna break a nail, and I’ve gotta go to Fashion Week.”

“It’s not that my idea was to show up today and go home,” she clarified after being asked to step aside to explain her reasoning to the hosts.

“I 100% was gonna stay for the entire duration that I could stay, but I also didn’t think the first challenge would be so physical.”

(Challenge starts at 27:54)

However, it’s unclear if Tana was eliminated from the show or not, as hosts Kian and Jc claimed the show’s rules had changed “dramatically” and introduced the first “K & J Twist” before the episode cut off.

Tana has also appeared in other segments with the cast in the show’s Season 3 trailer, so there’s a possibility she could remain in the house in spite of quitting the first challenge.

That being said, Tana’s statement after rebuffing the climbing wall has proven to be excellent meme material already — so her time on the show wasn’t totally for naught!

Fans can catch up to the next episode of reality house on Kian and Jc’s official YouTube channel when they upload next.