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Tana Mongeau explains why relationship with Jake Paul has gone downhill

Published: 30/Dec/2019 2:08

by Meg Bethany Koepp


YouTube star Tana Mongeau has opened up about the “truth” behind her whirlwind relationship with Jake Paul, and revealed why their relationship has gone south.

Tana and Jake started dating in April, and were later unofficially married in a lavish ceremony on July 28 after the Team 10 founder proposed to the MTV starlet during her 21st birthday celebrations on June 24.

On December 29, the 21-year-old uploaded an emotional YouTube video titled “the truth about everything” in which she opened up about the current state of her marriage, and why it’s not as great as it appears on the surface.

Instagram: @tanamongeauThe couple wed back in July, though no legal paperwork was filed.

The YouTuber started the speech about her husband by stating that she is “unhappy” with the way that her marriage is portrayed publicly. “I am so unhappy with the way my relationship looks in the public eye, and I’ve done so much pretending I don’t care when I do,” she said. “I did so much of being the “cool girl” and not “caring” and I think I just put so much of myself into Jake that I lost myself.”

“It was the best feeling in the world to be so on the same page with someone, it was like a drug,” Tana stated when talking about when they first started dating. “Something that was making me the happiest, most motivated, most inspired I’d ever been was also simultaneously helping me succeed and achieve so many dreams I’d had.”

She then detailed how not being honest about her true feelings towards her husband made it harder for her after their wedding. “Everyone thought it for clout and fame, and that made it so much worse for me mentally,” she said. “After me and Jake got married, I feel like everything changed.”

(Timestamp of 08:40 for mobile viewers.)

The MTV star also addressed the photograph that surfaced online of Jake Paul and his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell eating lunch together, and explained how it made her feel, even though she’d “greenlit” their open relationship. 

“I felt like I was opening my phone every day to something that just broke me further,” she stated. “Finding out about the Erika s**t on Twitter killed me, because Jake and I had so many conversations where he like villainized her, and I spent so much time trying to be everything she wasn’t.”

Tana then went on to reveal how she felt about her husband’s new song about other ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, and his Instagram upload of the two of them when they were together. “It’s very weird now with all this Alissa s**t, because I spent so much time thinking he was so hurt by it. To be fair, Jake did tell me he wrote this song, and that he was going to allude to being about Alissa, but I didn’t think he was gonna post that photo.”

Despite all of this, the YouTuber insists that none of this is her beau’s fault, and that the blame lies on her for not being honest from the start with the way their relationship was going, and claims that they’re still together – for now.

“Jake and I both have these psycho busy lives, and trying to fit each other in just gets harder and harder, and so many things keep hurting me further. I don’t ever want to be on bad terms [with him], I don’t ever want to hate each other.”


Hasan calls out ‘doppelganger’ Spanish Twitch streamer after hilarious rant

Published: 19/Jan/2021 5:19 Updated: 19/Jan/2021 5:46

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Hasan jokingly called out a Spanish Twitch streamer named IlloJuan who made a hilarious rant after his fans told him they looked similar.

Hasan Piker, better known as HasanAbi, has met his match. Not in terms of political commentary, but rather, his appearance. It happened after the fanbase of a Spanish streamer named IlloJuan described the two of them as doppelgangers.

IlloJuan reacted hilariously to the comparison live on stream. Somebody captured a video of it, and it went viral. Eventually, it found its way to Hasan, who watched it live on his stream.

hasanabi twitch stream
Twitch: HasanAbi
Hasan streams games, but his priority is to keep viewers updated on major political events.

“This guy? This guy me?” said IlloJuan. He pointed to the picture of Hasan. Then, he pointed to himself and flexed his biceps. “I am stronger.” But he didn’t look too convinced about his claim, and neither did Hasan.

“Hey! Hey! Listen,” said Hasan, while jokingly cracking his knuckles. “It’s on-site, mother f**ker.” He sat back and listened to the rest of IlloJuan’s rant.

“No, I mean, with glasses, maybe,” said IlloJuan. “But no, this guy is very strong. He kills me with one punch. Dangerous guy, this guy. What does this guy stream? He seems like he streams Team Fight Tactics.”

“What?” said Hasan, in disbelief. It seems like he thought that was the last game he’d be associated with. His viewers were in stitches, and so was he. They spammed the chat with laughter.

Fortunately, somebody told IlloJuan what he actually streams.  “Politics? He streams politics?” he said. “Ah, he speaks about politics, oh okay. Well, yes, with glasses, yes, he’s a smart guy.”

Hassan burst out laughing and stopped the video. He couldn’t get over the fact IlloJuan thought he streamed Team Fight Tactics. “Mother f**ker said Team Fight Tactics, bro. What?” he said.

“I think English [speakers] and Spanish speakers are [coming together on Twitch]. A lot of Spanish streamers are talking about English speaking streamers, too. What’s going on? I mean, listen, I’ve got a big Latina community in my audience too, so.”

Hilarious rants and reactions aside, it seems like Hasan could be on to something here. The two communities have overlapped quite a bit in recent weeks. For example, TheGrefg broke his own viewership record and became a household name among English speakers.

Hasan and his reaction to IlloJuan is another example. Who knows, maybe the two of them will collaborate in a doppelganger steam at some point. Perhaps it’s something their viewers would love to see.