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HAchubby responds to claims she’s holding Pepe the Frog hostage

Published: 29/Dec/2019 23:15 Updated: 29/Dec/2019 23:16

by Brent Koepp


Popular Korean streamer HAchubby is well-known for her love of her Pepe the Frog plush, but lately viewers have hilariously become concerned that she’s holding the soft toy against his will. She took to her broadcast to clear up the claims.

HAchubby is one of the breakout stars of Twitch in 2019, as her  journey to learn English and discover meme culture has made her connect with thousands of viewers.

However, the streamer’s love of Pepe the Frog took a hilarious turn when a joke clip accusing her of holding the plush hostage went viral in December, and now she’s responded.


Instagram: @hachubbytvThe Korean streamer exploded in popularity on Twitch in 2019.

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HAchubby responds to Pepe “hostage” allegations

The popular streamer responded to her chat saying that the plush was in danger, and said “Pepe is here!” while holding the iconic frog in her hands, and turned to him to ask “Are you okay?”

Hilariously, HAchubby hid behind Pepe, and began to talk as him. “Yes, I’m not lonely!” the doll spoke aloud. “Oh, you aren’t lonely. I am so happy! Thank you, Pepe!” the Twitch personality replied.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m happy!” she made the plush say, before hugging him. Her chat then erupted into some accepting the frog’s response, while others still claimed he was being held against his will.


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The Korean streamer’s ridiculous skit was in response to a clip that went viral from her December 21 broadcast, when she watched a fan-made video that had a voice over dub with the plush claiming he was being abused.

“I used to have a happy life. I was a normal frog. Then a few days later it started. The new girl is not nice!” the comedic video said, before it cut to various clips of the streamer poking the doll, or dropping it during past broadcasts.

“She attacks me almost every time she streams. I live in constant fear,” the voice said, before a clip played of the frog falling off her desk. “I was not fine. That hurt a lot!” Pepe stated, while the Korean exclaimed that it was all a misunderstanding.


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HAchubby has had an incredible year, as she only had 700 followers at the start in January, and has exploded in popularity due to hilarious viral clips of her learning about meme culture with her audience.

As of the time of this article, the Korean star has amassed a staggering 148,000 followers on Twitch, making her one of the fastest growing channels on the streaming platform.