Sykkuno reveals his “pet peeve” about meeting fans

Virginia Glaze
Sykkuno opens up about pet peeve when meeting fans

Streaming star Sykkuno opened up about his “most bizarre” experiences with fans, revealing his “pet peeves” about meet-and-greets in an interview with YouTuber Anthony Padilla.

Sykkuno is an extremely popular streamer who moved from Twitch to YouTube in an exclusive broadcasting contract earlier this year.

Best known for playing Among Us, Sykkuno often collaborates with other top-tier streamers and has become synonymous with his soft-spoken demeanor and kind personality.

However, even the internet’s nicest streamer has his limits — and one of those includes something that tends to happen at fan meetups during events like TwitchCon.

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Sykkuno (center) is one of the net’s most prominent live streamers who recently moved to YouTube from Twitch.

Sykkuno reveals “most bizarre” fan experience

The influencer opened up about what he called his “pet peeve” about meeting fans during a September 29 interview with Anthony Padilla, where he vented about non-fans getting in line to take photos with him, despite not even knowing who he is.

“I don’t know if it’s a pet peeve or it’s just a weird thing. There are people who will take pictures with you and they aren’t even your fan,” he explained.

“I think it happened at Anime Expo, and the reason it bothered me is because they have to cut the line off, right? For people meeting you. There would be people who wouldn’t know anything about me, and the line would be cut off, so they’re taking a spot from someone who’s probably a huge fan of mine who went to Anime Expo to see me or something.”

“I would be like, ‘Name one game I’ve played and I’ll take a picture with you.’ And some people couldn’t answer. And I was just like, ‘Why are you even here?'”

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He clearly cares about his fans and values their time, clarifying that those who take up space in meet and greet lines without knowing him are taking valued spots from his real viewers.

Sykkuno isn’t the only influencer who’s had a less-than-desirable experience at fan meetups; Twitch star Pokimane was once asked out by a fan during a meet and greet, which she shut down in a hilarious way.