Sykkuno urges viewers to not sub to him and spend it on themselves

Sykkuno in green shirt talking to microphoneYouTube: Sykkuno

Streaming star Sykkuno has urged his viewers to spend money on themselves and not sub to him, saying he’d just rather them turn up to his streams and support that way. 

Over the last few years, Sykkuno has cemented himself as one of the biggest names in the streaming game – building up a massive backing on Twitch before moving over to YouTube in mid-2022 to join his pal Valkyrae. 

The streaming star has been well-known for maintaining a cozy and positive community, with fans backing him on every platform. 

Naturally, many fans dig into their bank accounts and support him with paid subscriptions and donations. However, Sykkuno wants them to start treating themselves instead and support his streams by just turning up to watch – not with any money. 

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Sykkuno wants fans to stop subscribing and treat themselves

It was something a fan brought up at the start of Sykkuno’s March 16 stream, when they noted that the streamer used to receive more gifted subscriptions when he was back on Twitch. 

“These days, guys you don’t have to sub or anything, just showing up to the stream is all I want. The fact is, and I’m not trying to brag or something, doing perfectly fine money-wise, got a good deal moving to YouTube you know,” Sykkuno replied. 

“I think the best thing you can do for the stream is just the same thing that was always kind of the best thing to do, just show up and have a good time. Don’t be mean and that’s pretty much it! I don’t need the money, I’d rather have you guys just spend it on yourselves.”

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Timestamp of 15:13

Sykkuno added that he’d be “happier” if his fans “buy yourself a nice lunch” with the money they were considering giving to him. He said he wasn’t “unappreciative” of their support, but wanted them to treat themselves. 

Naturally, some fans ignored this call and hit the streamer with some gifted subs right away, but maybe they’ll heed it in the long run. It’s what he wants, after all.