Twitch streamer shocks viewers after “painful” kiss with her moderator

Carver Fisher
Twitch awkward moderator kiss

In a bizarre on-stream moment, Twitch streamer supcaitlin had a hard time committing to kissing her moderator as a stream goal. She downed shots and prepared herself for it, only to wash her mouth out after a small peck as Twitch viewers watched on in horror.

Twitch is a constantly evolving platform, and the ways in which people market themselves and create livestream content will always be changing.

And, while the so-called Topless meta has been squashed by Twitch TOS changes, there are still streamers out there trying to push the limits of what’s possible while being live on Twitch.

Streamer supcaitlin didn’t do anything that’d get her banned, but she definitely pushed the envelope by inviting her own Twitch moderator to a stream with her and acting repulsed by him the entire time in what’s already being called Twitch’s, “most awkward moment candidate 2024,” when the year just started.

Twitch streamer has awkward on-stream kiss with her mod

There’s a lot of stigma against Twitch moderators, people who dedicate a lot of their time to keeping an eye on someone’s livestream without much reward. There are some streamers who pay their mods and make them a pivotal part of keeping things going, but that’s an exception rather than the rule.

Streamer supcaitlin invited her moderator, a man who goes by the name dilly, to come onto the stream and hang out with her. However, some viewers were left bewildered by the bizarre dono goals, such as him sniffing her dirty laundry or them kissing.

When the dono goal for Caitlin kissing her moderator was hit, the way the kiss went down was awkward, to say the least.

She was moving in for the kiss, but claimed she had to take another shot to tolerate it. Her chat was a strange and conflicting mix of people rooting dilly on and people going “EWWWWW” in all caps.

After she went in for the kiss, she almost immediately tore herself away and ran to the bathroom to wash her mouth out. A thread on the LivestreamFail subreddit had people feeling sorry for dilly, calling the moment “painful” and “awkward” to watch.

“Man, no one deserves to be treated like that, just say no to kissing, don’t agree to kiss him then act like you just licked the toilet bowl at a truck stop,” said one Redditor, with another replying to them that this could have just been for the content all along and that she’s exaggerating on purpose.

However, that kiss isn’t the only awkward moment from the stream.

She also wound up doing a shot from his belly button – or, if we’re being more realistic, a small slurp. She almost immediately recoiled, and once again seemed to leave the room.

That said, he did eventually kiss her on the cheek in a way that was a bit less awkward. dilly got there in the end, though she still didn’t seem over the moon about it.

supcaitlin is no stranger to interacting with her viewers, and, though it’s rare for her to meet them in person, there’s also a good chance dilly knew what he was walking into.