Sykkuno reveals he was catfished by his first online girlfriend

Alice Sjöberg
Sykkuno at his streaming setup.

Sykkuno got personal in a recent stream with Fuslie and Blaustoise where he revealed that his first girlfriend on the game MapleStory ended up being a man.

First relations ships can be hard, especially when you’re young. Mix in long-distance relationships and the internet, and you’ve got an even more complicated situation.

One person who knows about this is streamer Sykkuno who recently opened up about his first online relationship with someone he met on a game, but it didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to.

In a recent stream with Fuslie and Blaustoise, the trio started talking about how many people use video games as dating platforms. Eventually, it led Sykkuno to talk about he used MapleStory as a dating platform.

Fuslie then asked if Sykkuno had any MapleStory girlfriends, to which the YouTube streamer not only agreed but also shared a funny anecdote.

He said: “I had one and it turned out it was a guy. Well, you didn’t have to laugh, okay? So, I had one that I thought. It turns out it was a guy. And I’m gonna be honest, when I found out it was a guy, I was so shocked that I was like I’m gonna just play it cool. I’m just gonna pretend we’re friends anyway and I’m totally cool with it.”

“How did you find out it was a guy?” Fuslie asked.

“He just felt guilty and just told me at some point,” Sykkuno replied.

Sykkuno also revealed how he kept buying presents for his “girlfriend” with his lunch money even after the shocking revelation of that person being a boy.

He soon accepted that he got scammed and claimed not to be in touch with that person anymore.

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