Sykkuno has Valkyrae in hysterics over the “biggest drama” he’s been involved in - Dexerto

Sykkuno has Valkyrae in hysterics over the “biggest drama” he’s been involved in

Published: 4/Apr/2022 8:45 Updated: 4/Apr/2022 11:08

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Sykkuno had Valkyrae in stitches after revealing the “biggest drama” he’s been involved in — the time he got roasted for “looking poor” because of what he wore to the Streamer Awards.

Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and Blaustoise were playing Fortnite when Blau joked about Rae getting canceled for not wanting to see BTS in concert. “Not again,” said Rae, referring to the RFLCT skincare line drama that happened in 2021.

“Wait, when did you get canceled the first time?” replied Sykkuno, who seemed genuinely clueless about it. Rae told him he was a “really good friend” for forgetting and she “appreciated” it, which left him even more baffled.


Twitter: Fuslie
Sykkuno got roasted for what he wore at the Streamer Awards.

Then, he made her laugh by revealing the “biggest drama” he’d been involved in. “I mean, I’ve been canceled before too, for looking too poor,” he said. “That was probably the biggest drama I’ve been a part of.”

Of course, the incident he’s referring to wasn’t really drama at all. He just got roasted over the outfit he wore to the Streamer Awards. However, for someone as innocent as him, perhaps he really was telling the truth.

“It’s not nice looking poor,” he added, making Rae laugh even more. “I didn’t think I looked that poor if I’m being honest. I thought I looked regular. I’m not fancy, but I mean, I am pretty regular, aren’t I? At least about average.”


According to Rae, Sykkuno does have a tendency to act awkward on purpose, which is what he seemed to do here. However, she also claimed he helps her feel better, so perhaps he wanted to make her laugh to change the topic.

Either way, it was another hilarious moment between them. Sadly, there’ll be fewer moments like that happening on stream in the next month while Rae takes a break from streaming to pursue other endeavors.