Sykkuno addresses rumors Minx threw him in a pool at Streamer Awards afterparty

Sykkuno responds to justaminx pool streamer awards rumorInstagram: sykkuno

Sykkuno has responded to rumors that streamer JustaMinx attempted to throw him in a pool during the Streamer Awards afterparty.

The Streamer Awards took place over the weekend, recognizing the best and brightest of online entertainers in a grassroots event organized by Twitch streamer QTCinderella.

While the show itself was a great success, the afterparty sparked some drama after streamer JustaMinx was allegedly escorted off the premises due to being drunk and disorderly.

Attendees at the party claimed that Minx attempted to toss outdoor heaters, as well as other partygoers, into a pool at the venue — one of these being YouTube star Sykkuno.

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This rumor first arose during the Fear& podcast on Sunday, March 12, when Valkyrae claimed she’d heard that Minx had tried to throw Sykkuno in the drink.

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QTCinderella confirmed that Minx had been trying to toss people in the pool, although she did not mention Sykkuno’s name.

Sykkuno debunks rumors that Minx tried to throw him in pool at afterparty

Sykkuno himself responded to these claims a few days later, saying during a March 14 broadcast that Minx had never tried to throw him in the pool at the afterparty.

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“People were asking me, ‘Did she try to throw you in the pool and kill you?’ And I was like, ‘No. That didn’t happen to me.'”

“I think there was like a weird telephone thing that happened, because this is my experience with the show. Basically, I was chilling by the pool with Connor, and Minx just wanted to go swimming. I think she just drank too much, probably. She said she wanted to go swimming. So me and Connor just grabbed her, and made her not jump in the pool.”

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“Maybe from far away, someone thought it looked like she was trying to get us in the pool. It just seemed to me like she drank a lot.”

Minx has claimed that she suffered an epileptic seizure at the afterparty and was later treated at a hospital. She says that she is returning to her home in Ireland to receive medical treatment for her condition.