Sykkuno clears the air regarding stream break with upcoming OfflineTV Japan trip

Shay Robson

Sykkuno has cleared up the rumors of a break after fans were convinced the streaming star was joining OfflineTV’s trip to Japan.

OfflineTV and friends are packing their bags and heading to Japan. Being part of the famous friend group, fans were convinced that YouTube streamer Sykkuno would be joining them on the trip.

However, the popular YouTube streamer has cleared the air, revealing that he won’t be heading to Japan, and ultimately won’t be taking a short break from streaming as expected by his fans.

Sykkuno getting emotional while streaming
Sykkuno is part of the OfflineTV and friends group, but it looks like he won’t be joining them on their trip.

In a short clip posted on June 25, Sykkuno straight up denied any involvement of being part of OfflineTV’s upcoming and anticipated trip to Asia.

“Are you going to Japan,” asked one viewer of the streamer. “I don’t think so,” Sukkuno casually responded. Another fan followed up, confused by the answer. “Wait you aren’t going,” they asked.

“Where on earth did I ever say I was? I felt kinda weird about that because randomly people started saying I was going to Japan,” said the popular streamer. “I never once said that, or even hinted at it. “So I have absolutely no idea where it came from.”

Fans began explaining that they got the idea from fellow OTV friend Valkyrae. However, Sykkuno hit back once again: “I don’t think she said that and if she did she’s probably wrong. I never said that to anybody, or even planned on it.”

With the trip to Japan expected to happen sometime in July, there’s plenty of time for Sykkuno to change his mind, and fans would absolutely love to see him there with the rest of OffllineTV.

However, only time will tell if we’ll see the popular YouTube streamer in Asia with his friends.

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