xQc lays out conditions to fight El Rubius after Twitch star’s call out

myth-xqc-gambling-streams-dramaTwitch: xQc

Twitch powerhouse Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has outlined his conditions for a boxing bout with content creator Ruben ‘El Rubius’ Gundersen after the latter challenged the former Overwatch pro. 

Ever since Joe Weller and KSI fought in 2018 to settle their scores, the internet community has developed a surprising penchant for boxing matches.

Some of the biggest names from Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok – Deji, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Bryce Hall, and more – have got into the ring and given their best at boxing.

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With the trend showing no signs of slowing down, xQc has been challenged by El Rubius, with the Spanish Twitch star speaking at Ibai’s La Velada Del Año II event. Now, xQc has replied.

Rubius at La Velada Del Ano IITwitch: Ibai
The El Rubius call-out came during Ibai’s boxing event, and follows years of poking fun at one another.

As El Rubius told xQc he was “waiting” for him, the Canadian replied to mock his boxing stance, before calling him a “funny guy” and claiming he’s “gonna fold him in half like a stack of papers”.

Thankfully, the jovial fighting talk did subside long enough for xQc to outline his actual conditions for a fight to take place. Like El Rubius, he stated that preparations should be limited and that it must take place in 2023.

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“I’ll give you guys the response you want,” Lengyel said. “If we both agree to the same regiment of no training except for physical condition training, okay, I’ll fight him next year. But we gotta put some money on the line.”

He didn’t go into specifics on the figure he would be willing to wager, but most viewers took his response as genuine confirmation that a fight could take place, even if it’s some way away at the time of writing.

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It’s the latest in a series of unexpected developments between the gaming community and the sport of boxing, a phenomenon in which it’s best to just never say never.

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