Logan Paul explains why he’s “jealous” of Jake Paul’s fight with Tommy Fury

Connor Bennett
Logan Paul talking into mic wearing suit and sunglasses
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Logan Paul has said that he’s “jealous” of Jake Paul’s fight with Tommy Fury at Madison Square Garden because his brother is ticking off something they’ve wanted to do forever before he is able to himself. 

Jake Paul’s impending return to the boxing return prompted plenty of questions when it was announced, especially as the YouTuber-turned-boxer didn’t immediately name an opponent.

While plenty of fighters threw their hat into the ring, fans have finally gotten the fight that they want, as Jake will be squaring off against long-time rival Tommy Fury at Madison Square Garden on August 6.

Jake’s brother Logan, who he has fought alongside before, will probably be there in support of his sibling. However, he can’t help but be jealous that he’s not a part of the event, given that Jake is achieving something of a life-long dream for the pair.

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Jake and Tommy will finally square off on August 6.

The imPaulsive podcast host briefly joined the NELK Boys’ Full Send podcast on June 24 to talk about Jake’s fight when he admitted he was pretty jealous of the whole thing.

“Madison Square Garden, August 6, that’s crazy. I’m jealous, I’ll be honest. I am jealous,” Logan said, noting that selling out the world’s most famous arena is something he and Jake wanted to do for a very long time.

“Me and my brother talked, since we were young, about selling out Madison Square Garden… and damn, he gets to do it first!” he added, after being asked if he wished he was in Tommy’s shoes.

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It’s not like Logan hasn’t had his own major event, either. The YouTube star has sold out LA’s Staples Centre and Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium for fights with KSI and Floyd Mayweather. Though, MSG is the pinnacle for most performers and fighters.

He might get his chance later down the line, but Jake will be able to hold that one over him – if he wishes.