Logan Paul skips WWE’s Japan tour and fans think they know why

Ethan Dean
Logan Paul WWE Japan Tour

WWE fans have noted Logan Paul’s suspicious absence from the professional wrestling organization’s Japanese tour and they have a theory as to why.

With a streak of accolades already piling up in just a few short years inside the squared circle, you’d think Logan Paul would be a shoo-in for WWE’s upcoming tour of Japan. According to PWInsider however, Paul won’t be appearing in Japan due to “another commitment”. WWE fans are convinced that this is a cover because an incident in Paul’s past is preventing him from traveling there.

X user KXNGAO pointed out that the reason Logan Paul may not make an appearance in Japan has to do with the 2017 incident in which the YouTuber ‘filmed and uploaded the body of a man who took his own life’.

Paul landed in hot water after vlogging a trip into Aokigahara, known more infamously as ‘the suicide forest’ and showing a dead body in the footage. KXNGAO’s post stated that the WWE Superstar and online content creator was “ banned from the country” for this but that isn’t entirely correct.

No official travel ban has ever been instated but Daily Beast did interview decorated former Japanese Police office officer Taihei Ogawa who outlined why it may be dangerous for Paul to re-enter Japan. Aside from the filming of the body, Ogawa claims he picked up multiple crimes in Paul’s vlog footage from Japan including “destruction of property and traffic violations”.

It’s also possible Paul’s presence may not go over too well with Japanese fans after all the controversy. For now, though, all the WWE has said is that Paul will be unavailable for the tour and that’s likely all we’ll hear about it.

Logan Paul has had a prolific rise to WWE stardom. In his brief time with the company, he’s competed in stellar matches and even earned himself the United States Championship.

Paul has a great head for creating viral moments such as a nod to the ‘hawk tuah’ meme or injury-defying in-ring stunts, many of which Paul pitched himself. This boost to the WWE’s visibility online has made him a valuable asset and earned him praise from legends like The Undertaker.

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